AML Program and Policy

AML360 makes anti-money laundering compliance easier with RegTech solutions.

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AML Policy Template


During policy development or updates, your AML compliance manager can collaborate with staff direct from any page. Suggestions and queries can be managed and tracked.


The flexible editing tool allows easy updates from where you can add files such as customer application forms or videos for procedures.

AML Program Template
AML Guidance Manual

Guidance Manual

The guidance manual provides advice on best practice and highlights high priority matters for policy inclusion.

Print to PDF

You can print to PDF. A title page with the date and the version reference are automated.

Money Laundering Policy Template
money laundering Policy

Search Feature

The built-in search feature produces a list of topics that best match the search words entered. The order of topics in the results is based on the appearance of the search words in the topic's title, body and keywords.

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